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When Therapy gets challenging

Recently Kyra has been very defiant, wont cooperate in therapy and has no interest. I do a lot of behavior training with Kyra as well, I introduced reward chart to her when she was 2 yr old and going through the same phase.

When your child tries hard to change his behavior, a reward chart can show him when he’s done a really good job and keep him motivated.

Reward charts can also help you to focus on the POSITIVES in your child’s behavior. This might be helpful if you’re feeling frustrated by your child’s behavior and have been paying more attention to negative behavior.

Some parents worry that rewards for good behavior are like bribes, but they aren’t the same. The difference is bribes are given before the behavior you want, but a reward is given after. For example, a reward might be that you let your child choose what’s for dinner if she plays well with friends. And rewards aim to reinforce good behavior, but bribes don’t.

It provides:

Visual aid, Distributes control, and is super motivating.

For me, I do not offer Reward like TV, or snack, but I just encourage therapy, I would tell her if she is done with 5 stars I will take the cast off. She usually co operates.

Here I am asking her to push the golf tees in the pool noodle. I give her one start for pushing 2 tees in. Notice how at the end of video, she is at the last yellow star and she says lets do one more time and take off all the stars. She thinks putting star is a game, but whatever works.

If you need a little motivation, child needs a little visual aid, I would say try reward chart. It works magic.

I made mine at home, I just painted few stars and laminated the paper.

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