Ramayan Story with a flash card twist. 


There are 21 storycards in a pack. Pictures are in the front and story in the back. 



Why in a card form and not book?


Reseach shows that flash cards enhance in memory, trying to rememeber the story by just looking at pictures is called 'active recall'

Active recall has been proven to create stronger neuron connections for that memory trace. 


Because flashcards exist loosely, rather than tied to a book  you are able to separate them into piles and review whenever. This practice of confidence-based repetition is proven by decades of research to be the most scientifically optimized way to improve memory performance.


How does this affect in the Ramayan story Cards? Well we like to believe that making a product keeping in mind the neural development is essential whatever it might be. It should affect the child in a positive way. 


What are some ways to use the Story Cards?


1. Teach the story of ramayan in a fun way. 

2. Make piles of cards of the story the child knows and the ones he doesnt know. 

3. Shuffle them and let the child arrange them in order. 



Diwali Story Cards