Diwali is such a fun memory in my head, all the activities that we did together as a family made it more special. I wanted to create something similar for my daughter to teach her the story of ramayan as well as do some diwali activities with her.


Presenting "The Imperfect Diwali Box"


The box is a countdown from Dusherra to Diwali (20 days). It has 20 bags pre filled with Ramayan story flashcards and a diwali activity in it. It comes with everything that you will need to hang it up. The child gets to open a bag each day according to the countdown. The fun is guessing what will they get today and how fun will the activity be.


The activities and storycards are kept in the bag in an order that they will be opening. The activity bags also have instructions on how to do those activities along with pictures for guidance.


The activities are made from non toxic and ecofriendly materials. 


What does the box include?

  • A diwali banner
  • 20 bags pre filled with story cards and activities along with thread and clothespin to hang them
  • Ramayan story cards.
  • 10 diwali activities and ramayan coloring pages
  • Picture instructions to help each step of the way.




The Imperfect Diwali Box