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What is sensory play?

Sensory play is, quite simply, any activity that stimulates the senses. This includes the five main senses of touch, smell, sight, taste, and sound, as well as the two not-as-frequently-mentioned senses: vestibular (sense of balance) and proprioceptive (sense of where each body part is in relation to the rest.

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Working on Grip & angles

Dabbing requires strength as well.
For now she cannot even keep hand in neutral. This Cast is for Constraint therapy. This is custom made for Kyra by her OT

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Valentines Special

Since its valentines we thought of something creative to do. I made this frog with felt and the kisses are felt as well. The felt sticks to itself so you dont need to add any velcro to it.

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Rice Bin sensory play CIMT

Lately we keep feeling that Kyra has minimal or very low feeling in her pointer finger. She always keeps it bent.Whenever she is picking up things even when we tape her finger, she will bend it.

Building finger Strength

The toy Kyra is playing is a regular old sugar box, which I painted , as you can see I failed terribly at it.

I then made cuts on lids, few were wider than the than the Popsicle width, so that Kyra wont get frustrated and few were snug to challenge her as well.

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Pancake Pile Up

The game is so versatile and can be played in different ways depending on the child’s age and motor development.

When Therapy gets challenging

When your child tries hard to change his behavior, a reward chart can show him when he’s done a really good job and keep him motivated.

Kinetic sand Sensory play

Today we made some castles and lego structures with sand, which later Kyra destroyed. There is something special in destruction, Kyra loves to destroy things and have a mean evil laugh later

Jello Ocean Sensory Play

Conclusion would be Jello is Play, not therapy, plus no need to feed kiddo later as they are full on jello.

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