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About Us

Hi! We're Swati & Kyra

Hi There!
Welcome to our journey. This is a story of a little girl who had to fight to survive.
Kyra had intra-uterine stroke which caused a neurological condition called Cerebral Palsy. This website is dedicated to her journey and the ups and downs of having this diagnosis, and the joy and happiness we feel when we overcome our challenges. This is about motherhood and its challenges of having a special needs child and also about the strength and how we keep going.

Most of my time is spent learning about therapies, creative a fun environment for Kyra to learn in and not feel bored. You can read more about our story here

She survived a pediatric stroke where she could have died as well, she is my superhero. She fought so hard to survive. She still is fighting hard.

We are here to help more families like us, who need a little more knowledge and wants to know that their kid will be okay if in case you get the same diagnosis, and also learn more in case anyone has more information by sharing experiences. We are here fighting, with all our strength, raising awareness on the condition hopefully helping similar families.

Come join us, we do a lot of fun projects as well. If you wish to read our whole story, do go on and look at the first pinned post, hopefully it will help out someone. Also share this page and raise more awareness on Cerebral Palsy. 

A Little about me

I am Swati, wife to a very supporting husband, mom to cutest dog and baby girl on planet.A dentist by profession but spend most of time these days thinking about creative ways to incorporate therapy and play together while making saure Kyra gets a overall learning experience. 

After Kyra's diagnosis my main focus is helping other families find resources that were hard for me to find. I love writing Blogs, its therapeutic for me .

If you would love to follow our day to day journey look us up on Fb or IG and share some love.

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