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Kyra was 12 days overdue. She was born at 41 week 5 days. I was in labor for more than 48 hrs At one point fetal monitor showed decreased baby activity and dropping heart rate. She was stuck in the canal very very low. They told me that she had to be immediately taken out, I was given spinal block anesthesia and within few minutes Kyra was born.She had respiratory troubles and needed chest x ray, she was also on antibiotics . She spend 3 days in NICU Incubator. For 6 Months we did not notice anything major.

As an infant Kyra had balance issues. She was delayed at sitting independently, and while others were attempting to crawl she was still trying to sit without wobbling over. Here Kyra is 7 months old, I made her a Sensory board to encourage her to sit more and keep herself engaged. Notice how she is wobbly and how her Left hand is just hanging like it doesn't exist

At 9 months she started to army crawl forward and she still used her right hand more for moving forward. There was no attempt to try to crawl on all fours. That is when we intervened and started Early Intervention.

With ECI we did see some success but not quite a lot and also we were not very serious with the therapies since we did not have the diagnosis. She was still not moving her left hand. We had a loner Posture control walkers to teach her to walk, and some weight bearing. She used it for about 5-7 months.

By this time we were pretty worried and had already taken a Neurologist appointment who suggested we do MRI of brain and spine for better knowledge. We thought it would be something that can be cured and she would be better after. The MRI required GA sedation and fasting before. Kyra was still 12 months old and it was very hard on us. We have no family in states and we moved to a new city and had very few friends. 

When the results said that she had Brain damage and a condition called Cerebral Palsy, we were numb. It happened at Birth, Kyra had a stroke due to Hypoxia. Her right side of brain was deprived of Oxygen for sometime . It does not mean she is mentally challenged. Her muscle movements on the Left side of the body are affected. She does not know that the left arm and leg exists, unless you show it to her.

Sitting in doctors office, holding this tiny baby, listening all the challenges she might face, the difficulty she would have, all I could think about was how perfect she is. How nothing of all what doctor said mattered when I look at this soul. Her big eyes full of hope. Her laughter so full of promise for better future. 

We made a decision to fight, I was allowed an hour to cry about his heartbreaking diagnosis, because I am the Mom, I cant be seen helpless, I am the one with solutions, answers. I am the one they turn to. So I read and read. I prepared myself for this new thing. 


After that we began Private Therapies and were dead serious about them.

We tried bunch of therapies , we liked some and we continued with them.
1. scalp acupuncture 1 time a week for a year
2. Kinesio taping, I got a book on pediatric version, learned all about muscles and how they work and where to tie tape to help. we still do this
3. Physical Therapy
4. Occupational therapy
5. speech therapy
6.deep tisue masages
7. Constraint therapy, I do this at home as I cannot afford to go to professionals who do them.
8. Aqua therapy
9. Chiropractic adjustments.
10. Anat Baniel method, i got a book and self educated myself on this one as well, and took one workshop with Anat herself.
11. Gymnastics
12. Swimming
13. TENS Therapy
14. HIPPO Therapy

Kyra is doing so much better today, and so are we. She is a very strong willed, stubborn, and the happiest girl there is. 

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