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CIMT Therapy for 1 year old Kyra was not a lot. We were still focused on walking and gross motor. Also OT wouldn't make her a cast to constraint her non affected arm since she was still crawling. 
We used long socks and ace bandages and were focused on her just being able to move the arm.

CIMT without Cast

CIMT is just like any other play, its restrictive to one hand. And the more fun you can make CIMT, the more your child will not resist.

Working those muscles

No OT was ready to make her a cast for her CIMT since they all believed she was very young.

Few CIMT ideas in younger kids

I used ace bandage and covered her right unaffected hand with it, making sure its in a fist, and then I covered the ace bandage with a long sock.

Click here to read more and to see her in action

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