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"And We Rose like a phoenix"

Yoocan Story

When you first become a parent, you look for all those first milestones. First smile, first word, first steps. This is what we have been taught to do. We wait patiently, eagerly and excitedly for all those moments to arrive. But sometimes Life has another plan, you have a child and few months later you discover that your little nugget has Brain damage. You hear the words coming out of the doctor’s mouth but somehow your own body shuts down. It feels like someone has thrown you down a very high cliff and wants you to fly. You want to fly, but no one has taught you how, you have not seen anybody do it. You fall, and fall, and burn, and then you Rise like a Phoenix. 

The Importance of Community and How to Build One

Inspired by Drive

There are days when I am a super parent juggling millions things at a time like a pro, ecstatic about the new milestones achieved, and then there are days when I am hiding in pantry crying my eyes out, feeling depressed and discouraged.

Some days I feel I can take on anything thrown in my way and other days I feel worthless. I need a community of people to help me feel better and to support me. Community plays essential part to overcome anxiety and help tackle the daily stress and struggles of modern life. Here are my tips on how to build a special needs community of your own:

Making Therapy Sessions Less Stressful

Inspired by Drive

Therapy life can be overwhelming for the family. Kids have to work hard in therapies to try to achieve milestones that come naturally to others. They are asked to wear braces and stretch arms/legs which are uncomfortable for them.

When Kyra was only 16 months old, she had  therapy 3-4 hrs a day. She used to cry and there were so many tears. She was not interested, she started to hate therapy time, and we realized it was not fun for her. She had limited communication skills and was not able to process what we wanted from her. We had to quickly come up with simple tricks to keep her motivated, and to make therapy fun. 

“But She Looks so Normal!”

Inspired by Drive

What is normal anyway? And why are we so obsessed with it? Why can’t people be different and be okay with it? People want to be normal and push their children to fit into a box described as normal, and yet they want them to stand out and be better than others, essentially not normal.

I, for one, don’t understand all hoopla about normal. Why is different a negative term?

How to Potty Train!

Inspired by Drive

Potty Training is the worst nightmare of parenting… that’s what I have heard anyways. I fortunately did not have to deal with that. It sure was hard since Kyra has special needs and we had to add in few things than what people traditionally don’t do but it was doable.


Now I am in no way an expert, I just read a lot and wanted to share my personal experience 

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