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Homeschooling made easy with worksheets

Updated: May 7, 2019

Hi everyone! Do you struggle to find good websites for educational worksheets for your kids? I had the hardest time to find all the worksheets linked together at one place. Fortunately, I found one that I absolutely adore and I am sharing that here for you. is a one stop website for all your worksheets, educational games and lesson plans. The printable worksheets are available from preschool age to 5th grade. They cover a lot of topics such as foreign language, math, reading writing, social emotional and typing.

I also make some printable worksheets and games and they are linked on my page for free downloads, if you haven't checked that yet, click here

The above few worksheets are appropriate for Kyra's age. I love how diverse the worksheets are. You can teach synonyms and so much more. We really love the website and have an active account with them. We love them so much that we thought of providing you with one of their printable worksheet and get you hooked on. To get the free printable of the Maze worksheet click here

Maze Printable Worksheet

Let me know how did you like the website and what were your favorite theme of the worksheet.

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