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Are you searching for effective tools to help your child or loved one with ADHD navigate their intense emotions and foster better self-regulation? Look no further

Our set includes a variety of prompts covering a wide range of emotions commonly experienced by individuals with ADHD, such as frustration, impulsivity, anxiety, and restlessness.

These prompts are thoughtfully crafted with children and adolescents in mind. Engaging visuals and relatable language make it easy for young minds to connect with and apply these tools.


Write Your Own Cue: An invaluable feature that allows children to describe their personal emotional cues, making the prompts highly individualized and relatable to their experiences.


 Daily Practice: Emotion regulation isn't an overnight fix—it's a skill that develops over time. These prompts are designed to be used regularly, forming a positive and constructive daily habit.


Each prompt comes with a brief explanation, helping children understand the emotions they're experiencing and offering practical strategies to manage them effectively.

 Patience and Practice: Just like any skill, mastering emotion regulation takes time. These prompts encourage patience and offer a toolkit for ongoing growth.


Ideal for Parents and Educators: Whether you're a parent looking to support your child or an educator helping students in the classroom, these prompts are a valuable resource.


Feel free to customize this description further to highlight any unique features or benefits of your specific prompts. Good luck with your venture!

ADHD Emotion-Regulation Prompts: Your Path to Calm and Focus

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