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Welcome to our website, your exclusive destination for a truly one-of-a-kind Diwali experience in the USA! Introducing the Imperfect Diwali Box, the first-ever advent calendar designed specifically for Diwali, bringing together the joy of festivities, the richness of cultural traditions, and the spirit of the Ramayana.


Our Imperfect Diwali Box is more than just a collection of items – it's an immersive journey through the enchanting world of Diwali and the epic tale of Ramayana. Inside each Imperfect Diwali Box, you'll find a curated collection of DIY activities inspired by the traditions and celebrations we grew up with in India. As each day of the countdown unfolds, children will embark on a journey filled with joy, creativity, and cultural immersion.


Our goal is to make Diwali accessible and fun, even for families living far away from their homeland. By embracing the spirit of togetherness and tradition, the Imperfect Diwali Box enables children to create lasting memories and develop a deeper understanding of this significant festival.


Key Features and Benefits:

Advent Calendar Format: Unveil a new activity each day leading up to Diwali, fostering anticipation and excitement among children.

DIY Activities: Engage children in hands-on projects that reflect the cherished traditions of Diwali, including making decorative crafts, exploring Indian cuisine, and participating in joyful rituals.

Cultural Connection: Introduce young minds to the beauty and richness of Indian culture, fostering a sense of pride and appreciation for their heritage.

Educational Experience: Encourage learning through interactive play, enhancing fine motor skills, creativity, and cultural awareness.

Quality Materials: Each Imperfect Diwali Box is thoughtfully crafted with high-quality materials to ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience.


Perfectly suited for children aged 4 onwards living in the USA, the Imperfect Diwali Box is a gateway to a world of Diwali traditions, customs, and festivities. Let us ignite the spark of excitement and curiosity in your child as they embark on this cultural journey.


What does the box include?

A diwali decoration banner

10 bags pre filled with story cards and activities along with entire set up and instructions and significance cards

Ramayan story cards.

Picture instructions to help each step of the way.

Imperfect Diwali box - Mini

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