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How to build Splash Pad using PVC pipes.

Want your kids to have as much fun as Kyra in this picture? Want to make a splash pad in your back yard for summers? Confused on where to start and how complicated it will be? Well worry not, I am here with a tutorial on How to make a splash Pad with PVC pipes in approx $50.

There is a video at the end with a series of steps to follow through.

This is the table showing list of items you will need. All connectors needs to be 1/2" PVC. You can find everything in home depot most probably right next to plumbing aisle where they keep all sprinklers.

Home depot will not give you pre-cut PVC for your project. You will have to buy seven 10' PVC pipes and then cut them according to the table below.

Below is a video Tutorial on how to proceed and cut the pipes and which order to connect them in.

After assembling the Parts together, makes Drill holes at an angle wherever you would like.

Make sure to keep these holes small or else you will loose water pressure.

At the end, take some Pool Noodles, make a slit and cover the PVC pipes with them to make them look better.

I tried to make it as easier for you as I could, but if you have questions let me know and I will try to answer them.

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