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How Yoga helps kids with Cerebral Palsy.

Holding the Bridge Pose

Growing Up Yoga was an integral part of my life, I saw my mom do it religiously, and later she included me in that journey of hers. It provided with such a calm and sense of awareness as a child. I always felt grounded and it was a great bonding experience as well.

I would want to continue that tradition with my daughter and also teach her the importance of self care and love.

Kyra is still young (42 months) to properly breathe through each poses and concentrate on her muscles, but I think she is ready for small sessions of it with my help.

She is interested so far in poses and wont run away even when the stretch gets a bit painful. I have been gentle and have started with some easy poses concentrating on weight bearing and spine health.

She did 10 poses for 5-10 counts, depending how challenging the pose was for her, and ended with cool down (not included in video) 1. Butterfly pose 2. Seated Twist 3. Cobra pose 4.Balancing table pose 5.Standing fold pose 6.Triangle pose 7.Tree pose 8.Bridge pose 9.Downward dog pose 10. Child pose

Early Childhood Yoga Benefits include:

■ Builds physical strength by encouraging children to use muscles in new ways ■ Children learn how to manipulate their bodies and maximize their mobility ■ Develops co-ordination ■ Promotes body awareness ■ Improves internal health. Each posture not only builds muscular strength but also massages internal organs ■ Improves balance ■ Familiarizes younger children with concepts of right and left. ■ Helps build self-esteem and confidence ■ Increases concentration and focus ■ Listening skills and the ability to focus the mind and improves concentration and study skills ■ Is calming and reduces stress ■ Leads to better health and vitality

She did do poses for both sides right and left, for the sake of keeping this video short I have cut clips where you can see the poses better.

Benefits of these poses:

Butterfly Pose helps to open up the hips and thighs and improves flexibility.

Cobra pose stretches muscles in the shoulders, chest and abdomen. Strengthens the arms and shoulders by weight bearing

Seated Twist stretches the shoulders, hips, back, and neck, it also increases spinal rotation.

Balancing Table pose improves balance and coordination. It also builds core body strength.

Standing Forward Bend stretches the hips, hamstrings, and calve also strengthens the thighs and knees.

Triangle Pose stretches legs, strengthens muscles around the knees, ankle joints, hips, hamstrings, calves, shoulders, chest and spine.

Tree pose builds strength in the ankles and calves, and tones the abdominal muscles.

Bridge Pose stretches the chest, neck, spine, and hips. Strengthens the back, buttocks, and hamstrings

Downward dog stretches the shoulders, hamstrings, calves, arches, and hands also strengthens the arms and legs.

Child's Pose helps to stretch the hips, thighs, and ankles while reducing stress and fatigue.

This resting pose centers, calms, and soothes the brain, making it a therapeutic posture for relieving stress.

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Gabriel M
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