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Jello Ocean Sensory Play

I made this jello bin.

Theme here is Ocean Coral Reef, jello is berry flavored. I added her ocean fishes, octopus, treasure box in the jello before refrigerating.

She was supposed to do this activity wearing cast for CIMT, but midway she got way too hyper and needed to feel the jello with righty (unaffected,as well) So I let her !

Also she figured she can eat it as well (rolling eyes)

So I physically held her righty so that she can get some sensory input on left, which she did and then she played a lot, ate a lot.

All in all, not much therapy but lot of play!

Conclusion would be Jello is Play, not therapy, plus no need to feed kiddo later as they are full on jello.

Because young children’s senses are still developing, each new sensory experience builds neural pathways that grow the architecture of the brain. The brain growth that occurs through sensory play enhances children’s senses, and their enhanced senses in turn make them better able to use those senses for learning.

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