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Kinetic sand Sensory play

My girl and I absolutely love Kinetic Sand. It feels great in hand. We do a lot of things with it including flinging it around house, that's mostly Kyra as you can tell.

Today we made some castles and lego structures with sand, which later Kyra destroyed. There is something special in destruction, Kyra loves to destroy things and have a mean evil laugh later

Without judging my parenting skills here lets move on to the activity.

I hid some animals in sand that Kyra had to find. All if this wearing her CIMT cast.

Because young children’s senses are still developing, each new sensory experience builds neural pathways that grow the architecture of the brain. The brain growth that occurs through sensory play enhances children’s senses, and their enhanced senses in turn make them better able to use those senses for learning.

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