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Making PT sessions fun with Obstacle course

When PT sessions are super fun

Bored with same activity for PT and need a little fun and bit of workout for yourself? Try this obstacle course!

Make it as easy as you want or very challenging, it usually works for every kid. I like to mix easy with challenging activities together.

First We did jumping jacks, tried to side jump and jump forward, getting a sense of visual perception.

Then came weight bearing. We did weught bearing in each leg by trying to knock off the animals from the glasses. And after we did hand weight bearing by bear walking.

After this we walked on the balance beam, for some balance and co ordination with core workout, hand eye co ordination.

We jumped over the beam couple of times to learn jumping over things, building strength in those legs and getting confidence in to jump over taller things, goal is to jump up now.

Then we finished by following a patter and working on walking fast in a zig zag pattern for advanced balance.

Play with your child taking turns and this can be a great workout for you mums as well.

We did 3-4 rounds of this, it was a great PT and my workout, WIN WIN !!

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