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My Perfectly Imperfect Life!

No one's life is perfect, at least that's what I hear, and yet we all want to show the world how prefect our lives are. We have social media accounts with perfect smiles, pictures, laughter, vacations, food.

I have a perfect life too, or rather I Had one. I have a supportive husband, house, dog, a daughter. My social media account is filled with smiles, laughter, giggle. A perfect life right? I would think so.

Well almost until the day my daughter was diagnosed with Brain Damage due to stroke inutero. We had just received the diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy, Friends and family were informed. We got a lot of calls, some gave comfort, some gave courage, but the one that struck a cord with me was,"You have lead a perfect life till now, Now even your life is not Perfect. You are like the rest of us"

This was the first time I realized, Uh! Sorry, Made to realize, that I now have an Imperfect Life.

Parents of children with disability, or special needs are considered to NOT have a perfect life. We are the other group, the damaged ones, the ones who constantly need sympathy and pity. People would constantly feel sorry for us, and sometimes when the world is constantly shoving this down on us we tend to accept it. We become it. We start craving that sympathy, and the minute we accept this life full of pity,things change again.

We get to hear the other side, Look how she has given up on her child? Can she be brave and fight a bit harder? Why does she always need pity? Why is she always making excuses?

Well my friends, in reality, no matter what you do, people are gonna talk.People are going to Judge. I refuse to accept that I have Imperfect life. Yes I have a special needs daughter, and yes we have many challenges, but we are perfect. And most importantly my daughter is Perfect.

Why make special needs parents feel that they are "special" by labeling us or judging us. Our needs are different, but we are not special. We are just your next door neighbors who want to be invited in potlucks and parties, and also sometimes need a shoulder to cry on.

Lets all support one another and not judge anymore, After all aren't we all leading a Perfectly Imperfect lyf in one way or another?

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