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Pincer Grasp with Marbles

Its an important developmental milestone which is basically pinching pointer and thumb fingers to be able to do fine motor tasks.The isolation of these fingers is what is important.

Why Pincer is important:

To carry out complex fine motor activities like feeding, writing, which are very important.

Now why learn in affected hand when non affected one already knows pincer?

Well for activities like cutting with scissors requires two hand pincer grasp. Also the skill of dressing one requires two hand pincer grasp.

She has very little sensory input in the left pointer and thumb and can not tell if she is holding something in her hand or not. Also her spasticity increases and she shows more ulnar grasp then radial.Its hard to understand but many times she thinks she is giving me something but her left hand is empty.

Today's activity is very hard to do!

I spread some marbles and worms in Kinetic sand for added sensory input and then asked Kyra to separate them in different bins.

I have to help a lot to isolate the pointer and thumb for now. Hopefully soon she will gain more strength. For now Practice, practice!


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Jul 31, 2022

This is a great post thanks for sharing it.

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