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Importance of Posture

But today I thought of sharing something else like "Posture"

Most of us dont pay much attention to child's posture while they are playing or doing certain activity. A classic example is a child sitting in W position.

I wanted to share a video of Kyra eating cream cheese from a small cup with a tiny spoon.

Notice how she is avoiding to hold the cup in her lefty, so she compensates and bends down rolling her back. Then I ask her to pick up the cup, she lays its flat on her legs and again rounding the back. Untill I finally push her back up against the wall. She them cannot round the back and compensate so she had to pick up the cup and eat.

Primarily a seating system should ensure that your child has:

•A stable postural base-the position of the pelvis is an important factor •Postural Control and Alignment •Postural Head Control

Be mindful of this while engaging in any therapy or activity.

Its not just child's therapy but also the overall well being of back. For this reason we take Kyra to chiropractor to make sure she doesnt affect her spine in a bad way to hurt her in her teens.

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