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Rice Bin sensory play CIMT

Today's activity is sensory play, Finding the bear in Rice! .

Lately we keep feeling that Kyra has minimal or very low feeling in her pointer finger. She always keeps it bent.Whenever she is picking up things even when we tape her finger, she will bend it.

We have been sensory brushing it, and giving her vibrations but nothing seems to be going anywhere. OT thinks that I am pushing too hard. And I just dont wanna give up just yet.

What I dont get is that Is she not feeling that her finger is touching something? Or Is she not able to get the finger straight due to weak muscle tone.

Here Kyra is trying to sift the rice to find hidden bears.

✅It helps them differentiate between different texture ✅It helps in their motor skills ✅hand eye coordination ✅It helps them to concentrate

Hoping to get full use of pointer soon.

May be I am pushing too hard, I have been teaching her this since so long now, and I am loosing patience. I yell so hard thinking that she is not listening to me, but regret it immediately and hug her saying mommy is sorry when I realize that she is not being stubborn, but has trouble and needs help.

This is affecting so much, may be I need to take a break and let her be, but on other hand, we are so close, should I push her a little harder and myself, may be she will finally open her pointer?

The decisions that a CP mom has to make!!!

Can I have my wine and Donut early today?

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